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On 10.06.2016 evening our importer from Argentina Mr. Roberto Martinez has successfully finished his promotional ride through Europe on our motorcycle JAWA 660cc Sportard. You may have some questions: “What countries in South America has he visited?” or “How many oceans has he seen from his motorbike? ” We will surprise you. The promotional rides and presentations of motorcycles quality of JAWA 660 Sportard and other JAWA motorcycles have been managed in Argentina by Mr. Roberto several times in the past. Totally  there are thousands and thousands km on the bikes /more than 100 000 km in tests of function and quality in the last 25 years, always point out robustness and confidence, and for this Mr. Roberto decided to make the route with the bike JAWA 660 Sportard in “her born-land” that means  a route through Europe.

As per previous plan Roberto travelled together with another passenger in this case with Mrs. Salomé Girandola and a lot of luggage at all. The trip was a big test for the bike JAWA 660 Sportard, because the load was higher than the limit. Especially Roberto together with Salomé they have had a space of 135 L luggage (back case, tank bag, side bags) with this luggage there was not a big problem to exceed the allowed weight. If do you think that we have prepared a new motorcycle for this journey, the opposite is the true. At the beginning from Prague the motorcycle has indicated on speedometer 64 558 km and despite of if the passengers and the bike had have faced any problems during this tour. We believe that this fact as well as the video of the tour will affect positively your opinion to JAWA 660 Sportard and our potential new customers as well.  

Distance: 3 900 km
Time: 12 days
Total consumption of petrol: 215 litres
Petrol: 95 octan
Motorway speed: 120 km

Visited countries:
Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia

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